Should You Focus On Your Mobile Website Or A Mobile Application?

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s a no-brainer that mobile should play a huge role in a company’s implementation strategy. There are two primary paths available for a company to build out mobile strategies, especially with limited resources: prioritizing your mobile website and prioritizing your mobile app. I have been in the mobile landscape for 10 … Read more

A third of traffic and orders for large online fashion retail brands comes from mobile search and social

34% of traffic, 28% of orders and 26% of the total order value for large online fashion retailers comes directly from search and social sites, including Google and Facebook, new global research suggests. Of all traffic arriving directly from paid social, 80% is from Facebook and Instagram. And the data suggests mobile phones dominate: 76% … Read more

How to Make Images Load Faster

Images impact the load time of a website. The faster the site, the better the user experience, leading to conversions and profits. Business managers and owners want their site’s images to load fast, even on mobile devices. But how do they do it? In this piece, I’ll offer suggestions for optimizing images. The goal is … Read more

Is Your Website Turning Smartphone Users Away?

In today’s digital world, many people use their smartphone as their sole access to the internet. Smartphone companies take advantage of this to produce and unveil flagship devices that are innovative and groundbreaking every year. Just this February alone, Huawei and Samsung officially announced the launch of smartphones that cost thousands of dollars to the … Read more

Why mobile-first is crucial for omnichannel retailers

What does it take to re-platform to mobile and why is it essential for omnichannel retailers in keeping up with changing customer behaviour? Mobile-first approaches have influenced how applications are developed, deployed, and managed. In contrast to traditional enterprise apps, mobile apps are often more lightweight and agile, with functionality typically focused on a relatively … Read more

70% of marketers use mobile location data for customer engagement

Location data plays a key role in omnichannel sales as 70% of marketers use a mobile-first strategy for customer engagement, per a survey that marketing tech firm Blis conducted with WBR Insights and Future Stores and shared with Mobile Marketer. Nearly two-thirds of retailers said they provide a “phygital” experience that can’t be replicated online to compete … Read more

3 Quick and Easy Website Personalisation Tactics to Boost Conversions

Personalisation lies at the heart of delivering a great user experience. You’ll find this true whether you run a blog or SaaS business.Or whether you operate an e-commerce website. Your visitors will always appreciate getting personal attention from you. No one likes to be cast into a “general” category and treated as “just another user”. … Read more