If You Want to Thrive, Focus on the Customer Experience

To show your customers how great it is to do business with you, start by not making them wait. In most cases, price alone isn’t the biggest factor in the low conversion rates that some websites see–it’s subpar customer experiences. That’s according to research by Qubit, a website optimization company, which decided to gauge just … Read more

How Retailers Can Use APM Technology to Optimize the Purchase Funnel

Mobile commerce sales in the US will reach over $200 billion this year, and mobile apps are driving an increasingly significant portion of shopping purchases. Operating mobile apps for shopping poses distinctly unique challenges. Here’s how you can improve your conversion funnel using mobile-focused APM technology, writes Eric Futoran, Founder and CEO, Embrace. When retailers … Read more

Is your web page Mobile First? If not, you’re losing out.

Mobile devices have become the main points of accessing information, news, bookings and retail. This is now the case for a significant portion of digital users across many channels. It’s not just a move to the internet from traditional media portals (TV, papers/magazines, radio), it’s a move away from desktops and laptops onto mobile platforms. … Read more

The Rise of Headless Commerce

“Headless commerce” has become an e-commerce buzzword lately, but how can brands use it to their advantage? “In its most basic terms, ‘headless commerce’ refers to the decoupling of a website’s presentation layer — the front end — from its commerce and business logic/function layer — the back end” Meghan Stabler – vice president of … Read more