How have we helped our clients?

Our specialised approach to digital strategy and website optimisation has helped our clients in many different ways. Here are examples of successful client projects…

How we helped launch a new food supplement product in a competitive online marketplace…

Our client created a fantastic new food supplement product, EatEnjoy Gluten, which helped people with gluten intolerance to enjoy foods like pizza, bread, and pasta, relieving the symptoms of stomach cramps and bloating.

The key question was: ‘Would this product sell and what is the main product appeal?’

We used extensive competitive market data, together with input form the client to craft the primary sales messages pre-launch. Using our PPC – conversion-driven landing page methodology, we were able to test the appeal of several key messages in a streamlined manner.

Relatively quickly, we discovered that the product would work in a competitive market and what messaging resonated with the target market. We analysed customer data which we used to reinforce the key value proposition.

EatEnjoy has successfully launched and is expanding its product ranges.

How we saved a client £900,000…

We worked with a US company who had designed a new type of mobile phone protective case which they believed there was a desire for. They were looking to implement a major product launch in the UK with a significant marketing budget.

Their mobile phone case product was 10 times the price of similar products on the market but had one major point of difference.

The question we had to answer was:Does this unique value proposition have market appeal and would customers buy it?’

Using our PPC – conversion-driven landing page methodology, we were able to test the appeal of a number of value statements, in a lean, low-resource way. We tested several ways of communicating the key point of difference over the competition.

This low-cost testing methodology using targeted paid traffic to custom-built landing pages yielded virtually no sales. We discovered a major price objection and that the point of difference was not perceived as valuable enough to justify the price difference.

As a result, our client saved over £900,000 in marketing investment and decided not to proceed with a potentially damaging product launch.

How we built a business case for a mobile redesign for a fast-growing e-commerce website…

Our comprehensive data analysis showed a significant client opportunity with mobile traffic conversion rates. We were able to estimate the potential increase in revenue based on web data, with the associated improvements in mobile customer journey and user experience.

We wanted a more accurate figure so the client could make a more informed business decision, to confirm potential ROI and justify the required investment.

We built mobile-friendly sales funnels which gave us an accurate conversion rate figure which we then forecast the associated sales revenue against.

The figures were better than anticipated and the mobile-friendly website was built with full resource resulting in a massive increase in revenue.

How can we help you?

Improve your mobile website performance and increase sales revenues

Discover what REALLY sells your product or service

Understand what is stopping your visitors from buying

Get customer data to improve your product

Soft launch a product in a competitive marketplace or new sales territory

Test new marketing channels without investing in IT resource

Test new ideas and sales messages with minimum risk

Segment your users and present personalised customer journeys

We offer a fully managed end-to-end service where we drive and implement all the changes required to take your online business to the next level.

What our clients say…

Billy Knight


” Nu-Hi helped us analyse the existing online marketplace, craft a compelling value proposition and launch a brand based around that research. Then, using data gathered and analysed, create a digital strategy that is helping us grow and expand. “

Tricia Cusden


” Much more successful in sales thanks to their efforts. We have very quickly achieved what we wanted – a website which converts many more of its visitors into customers. I would very definitely recommend Nu-Hi to others. “

Pedro Garcia


” Very valuable service, not only in CRO but on gathering insights. They are data-driven and professional experts in full service CRO, able to deliver results on agreed timings and proving their value. “

Michael Rosenberg


” After we’d taken delivery of the Growth Roadmap we discovered that we’d chosen the right company. We liked its comprehensiveness, but we also loved the easy takeaways. Nu-­Hi is a company others will thank me for recommending. “

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