What is the question you need to ask a digital marketer

Can you prove whether or not you have grown my business?

In 2018, there shouldn't be a digital marketer who cannot demonstrate, beyond doubt, that they have grown your business. We have data in abundance and software which can split test different versions of a landing page. In fact, every digital marketer should be able to show you exactly what they have brought to the table.

We are fairly unique in the sense that we not only understand digital businesses very well (we are digital entrepreneurs who have operated our own digital businesses) beyond simply changing graphics and copy but also, we use data to inform our changes. We then insist that our changes are tested and measured to show return on investment

Let's face it. If you had an accountant who couldn't demonstrate how they had saved you money or a lawyer who couldn't show how they had protected your interests you wouldn't use them. What's so different about a marketer?


We help turn customers in brand advocates

Nu-Hi use an in-house principle called the Conversion Trinity. One of the three ways to grow a business is to increase your customers lifetime value

How we help build lasting relationships with your best customers

Your most profitable visitors are those that have already purchased or have an existing relationship with you. The more profit you can make from existing customers the more you can invest in acquiring new customers or getting co-efficient referral programmes in place.

We look to increase lifetime customer value and to create a product/market fit that makes your customers want to recommend you to family and friends.

The key to business is to win new customers and then keep them for as long as possible by creating endless value.We use many techniques and tools to help you build long-term relationships with your customers.

Here are some of the ways we can help you increase your lifetime customer value

Re-targeting marketing

Customer Loyalty Programs

eCRM systems

Email Marketing

Direct Marketing

Incentive Programs