How we get amazing results…

We use a tried and tested scientific approach to growing digital businesses.

We increase specific key metrics in your business which have a significant effect on your sales revenues and profits.

Introducing the Nu-Hi CONVERSION TRINITY

Our scientific growth methodology is underpinned by the Nu-Hi Conversion Trinity, consisting of 3 key levers for growing a digital business.

Increasing quality traffic

Increasing conversion rate

Increasing lifetime customer value

How we create a strong Value Proposition

The core of the Conversion Trinity is the Value Proposition.

Without a strong, compelling value proposition then the three levers are limited. Firstly, we look at refining and strengthening your value proposition using an in-house methodology. We look to create the most appealing offer to your target market whilst maximising your unique sales proposition.

How we increase the volume of quality traffic

Our goal is to get maximum ROI from every click across every traffic channel.

We analyse the data in your website and identify the most profitable channels. We then use discoveries from the value proposition analysis to maximise market appeal.

Visitors are driven by a want, need or desire. It is essential to align and nurture this intent across the entire visitor experience.

With our conversion-focused approach to traffic acquisition, we enhance your online presence and deliver highly targeted traffic, measured against your business goals.

How we increase conversion rates

Increasing your conversion rate has a massive impact on your business.

You get more revenue from the traffic you are already getting. The discoveries from the value proposition analysis are key to motivating visitors to convert.

Other key information is the quantitative and qualitative web data discoveries. This always us to reduce any anxiety and increase persuasion which in turn increasing conversion rate.

Benefits of an improved conversion rate

A higher conversion rate means you make more profit on every click you buy.

This allows you to spend more on traffic, resulting in more traffic to your website. More traffic to your website means you can test and learn faster, and increase your conversion rate at a greater velocity.

This reinforces your economic advantage in the ad marketplace, allowing you to buy yet more traffic. Rinse, repeat…

How We increase lifetime customer value

Your most profitable visitors are those that have already purchased or have an existing relationship with you. The more profit you can make from existing customers the more you can invest in acquiring new customers or creating referral programmes.

If you have a strong value proposition and great customer service then your customers will keep returning and become brand advocates. Once you get to this point, things get a lot easier.We use data within your business to understand how we can increase your customer satisfaction and use strategies to leverage this.

Get started with a mobile-first strategy today

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Give us 15 minutes of your time and we will give you the insights you need to start on your mobile-first strategy.