What is the question you need to ask a digital marketer

Can you prove whether or not you have grown my business?

In 2018, there shouldn't be a digital marketer who cannot demonstrate, beyond doubt, that they have grown your business. We have data in abundance and software which can split test different versions of a landing page. In fact, every digital marketer should be able to show you exactly what they have brought to the table.

We are fairly unique in the sense that we not only understand digital businesses very well (we are digital entrepreneurs who have operated our own digital businesses) beyond simply changing graphics and copy but also, we use data to inform our changes. We then insist that our changes are tested and measured to show return on investment

Let's face it. If you had an accountant who couldn't demonstrate how they had saved you money or a lawyer who couldn't show how they had protected your interests you wouldn't use them. What's so different about a marketer?


We can help you get more visitors

Nu-Hi use an in-house principle called the Conversion Trinity. One of the three ways to grow a business is to get more visitors through traffic acquisition

Get maximum ROI from every click, across every paid traffic channel

Attracting the right type of visitor is critical. Visitors are driven by a want, need or desire. It is essential to align and nurture this intent across the entire visitor experience. With our conversion focused traffic acquisition process, we enhance your online presence and deliver highly targeted traffic measured against your business goals.

We target profitable traffic

Many agencies who buy traffic are run by technicians that have never spent their own money on a single campaign. What’s more, the typical agency gets paid more when they increase the size of your account, whether the traffic converts or not.

We don’t think this is a recipe for success.

Nu-Hi’s strategies are laser focussed on results and conversions, run by entrepreneurial people who have experienced first hand the importance of making traffic pay.

Our team understand user behaviour, conversion and shopper psychology which means that we can combine our expertise in traffic acquisition to increase your ROI from paid traffic.

On top of that, our commercial framework incentivises not only volume, but ROI too.


A fully integrated approach like ours means that we can increase your ROI across a range of digital traffic channels and processes:

Improving Customer Experience

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Content Creation, SEO & PR Amplification

A/B & Multi Variate Testing


Product Merchandising