Should You Focus On Your Mobile Website Or A Mobile Application?

Should you create a mobile website or a mobile application?

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s a no-brainer that mobile should play a huge role in a company’s implementation strategy. There are two primary paths available for a company to build out mobile strategies, especially with limited resources: prioritizing your mobile website and prioritizing your mobile app.

I have been in the mobile landscape for 10 years. My experience ranges from working with budding entrepreneurs trying to build a blockbuster app to working with established brands with millions of users. I built out a mobile website for unique travel experiences and am currently working on a mobile app for the Indian health and fitness market. This is to say, over my years, knowing which mobile route to take has always been the first question to tackle.

Which route you take should be based broadly on the type of business you’re in.

Choosing Your Mobile Focus

If you’re a seasonal company, where customers mostly think about you during certain times of the year, having a more robust mobile website makes more sense than investing in an app. If you’re the sort of company that wants to keep users highly engaged all year, then an app just might be worth the effort.

All companies would like to live in the realm of keeping customers highly engaged all year, but it’s key to know your strengths. If you require daily engagement — like the grocery business — then it makes sense that customers would be willing to sacrifice phone space to get better deals. Push notifications with discounts are highly effective in doing so, marketers are getting better at using them

If you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum — selling large-scale hardware like Apple — it doesn’t make sense to have an app because customers are buying twice a year. This means the benefits of an app (e.g. personalization with regular usage and the need for native functionality) are not necessary, making a mobile website adequate.

Should you focus on your website or a mobile application