What is the question you need to ask a digital marketer

Can you prove whether or not you have grown my business?

In 2018, there shouldn't be a digital marketer who cannot demonstrate, beyond doubt, that they have grown your business. We have data in abundance and software which can split test different versions of a landing page. In fact, every digital marketer should be able to show you exactly what they have brought to the table.

We are fairly unique in the sense that we not only understand digital businesses very well (we are digital entrepreneurs who have operated our own digital businesses) beyond simply changing graphics and copy but also, we use data to inform our changes. We then insist that our changes are tested and measured to show return on investment

Let's face it. If you had an accountant who couldn't demonstrate how they had saved you money or a lawyer who couldn't show how they had protected your interests you wouldn't use them. What's so different about a marketer?


We are the ONLY digital growth experts to specialise in the lighting industry

If your lighting business is looking for expert guidance in digital strategy from experts with extensive experience in the industry, then look no further…

Discover the biggest hidden opportunities in your online lighting business today

We are digital marketing experts and lighting industry specialists who can:

  • Help craft and refine your brand value proposition
  • Create data-driven digital strategy for growth
  • Implement and manage digital change
  • Make iterative improvements based on data insights

We can help you digitally transform your organisation whilst you look after your core business.

We offer a fully managed end-to-end service where we drive and implement all the changes required to take your business online, or take your existing online business to the next level.

How to get started…

For a no-obligation chat about how we can help you improve your online lighting business, pop your details into the form and we’ll be in touch with you.

Why are we your best choice?


Experienced in the lighting industry

We have over 7 years experience in fast moving lighting industry. Everything from B2B to B2C, from LED to halogen, from GU10 to high-bays. We have the connections, expertise and experience.

One-stop shop for your complete digital strategy

We manage full end-to-end digital strategy. Everything from initial planning through to implementation and beyond. We can take care of all your digital requirements.

Proven results in growing businesses

We have proven results at growing not only lighting companies but some of the most sophisticated businesses in the world including Amazon, Lloyds Bank, Halifax Bank, O2 and some of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in the UK.

Specific insights into the lighting business

We have been working closely with lighting companies for the past 7 years which has given us insights specific to the lighting business. We have a complete understanding of the target markets and strategies for these industries.

We are the ONLY digital marketing company specialising in lighting

We are, to our knowledge, the only digital marketing consultancy that specialises in the lighting industry.

Having both digital marketing expertise and lighting industry knowledge puts us firmly in contention for the world’s #1 digital lighting marketing agency.

What is our track record?

We have helped an LED retailer become one of the fastest growing LED retailers in the UK before eventually being sold for $30,000,000

We have helped one the world’s largest lighting manufacturers to take their business online

We designed and implemented a complete lighting warehouse system with a real time stock website integration

We engineered a complete lighting logistics operation from start to finish including tiered delivery options inc. next day delivery

We have created new lighting brands and digitally marketed them for increased brand awareness and sales revenue

We are experts at digital strategy and have consulted at the highest level for some of the most successful companies in the world

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