What is the question you need to ask a digital marketer

Can you prove whether or not you have grown my business?

In 2018, there shouldn't be a digital marketer who cannot demonstrate, beyond doubt, that they have grown your business. We have data in abundance and software which can split test different versions of a landing page. In fact, every digital marketer should be able to show you exactly what they have brought to the table.

We are fairly unique in the sense that we not only understand digital businesses very well (we are digital entrepreneurs who have operated our own digital businesses) beyond simply changing graphics and copy but also, we use data to inform our changes. We then insist that our changes are tested and measured to show return on investment

Let's face it. If you had an accountant who couldn't demonstrate how they had saved you money or a lawyer who couldn't show how they had protected your interests you wouldn't use them. What's so different about a marketer?


What's it like working with Nu-Hi?

We love working with forward thinking web businesses.
We love data and we love making you money.

What do our clients say about us?

Billy Knight

" Nu-Hi helped us analyse the existing online marketplace, craft a compelling value proposition and launch a brand based around that research. Then, using data gathered and analysed, create a digital strategy that is helping us grow and expand. "

Pedro Garcia
Head of Ecommerce, Durex.co.uk

" Very valuable service, not only in CRO but on gathering insights. They are data-driven and professional experts in full service CRO, able to deliver results on agreed timings and proving their value. "

Michael Rosenberg
CEO, Plastic Place

" After we'd taken delivery of the Growth Roadmap we discovered that we'd chosen the right company. We liked its comprehensiveness, but we also loved the easy takeaways. Nu-­Hi is a company others will thank me for recommending. "

Tricia Cusden
Founder & CEO, Look Fabulous Forever,

" Much more successful in sales thanks to their efforts. We have very quickly achieved what we wanted - a website which converts many more of its visitors into customers. I would very definitely recommend Nu-Hi to others. "

Ian Howie
Digital Analytics, PPC & CRO Specialist

"Jamie is an exceptional consultant when it comes to ecommerce. He takes a method marketing approach and obtains truly outstanding results for his customers. If you have a chance to work with him, I'd highly recommend it."

Dr David Darmanin
Founder & CEO, Hotjar.com

"Jamie is much more than just a world class conversion consultant and growth hacker. He really takes the time to understand his clients' business inside out — looking for opportunities — and leveraging them into growth. I have been amazed by the impressive results he has delivered to his clients, no matter their size."

Raymond Deans
Personal Trainer

"Jamie not only provided a great site for more than one of my businesses, he added value at all levels with advice and assistance that resulted in a high volume of traffic through the sites, and work generated that was directly attributable to Jamie and his team. "

Dev Patel
IT Project Manager

I worked with Jamie as part of an online marketing project to increase targeted traffic to our website. We saw a 130% increase in targeted leads and I would highly recommend him for any online marketing campaign.