Why Are Nu-Hi Different?

Nu-Hi Digital is not your average digital agency. We don’t sell time, fancy portfolios or marketing fluff.

We take a rigorously scientific approach to growing digital businesses by optimising traffic and website conversion.

Scientific Methodology

We use a data-driven, scientific process and proven methodology to enhance the most important metrics in your business.

Data-Driven Insights

We analyse the data unique to your organisation to gather actionable insights that will improve the digital performance of your business.

We Focus on Key Metrics

We focus on the key metrics of your business to ensure maximum revenue increase and the biggest ROI.

International Consulting

We have consulted for a wide range of clients all over the world. If you have an internet connection, we can work with you.

Test and Measure

If something can be measured, it can be improved. Our data-driven approach enables us to effectively test and measure to ensure success.

Visual Reporting

Knowledge is key. We can help you set up reporting systems to measure your Key Performance Indicators with data visualization that makes reporting quick and easy.

What do our clients think?

Billy Knight


” Nu-Hi helped us analyse the existing online marketplace, craft a compelling value proposition and launch a brand based around that research. Then, using data gathered and analysed, create a digital strategy that is helping us grow and expand. “

Tricia Cusden


” Much more successful in sales thanks to their efforts. We have very quickly achieved what we wanted – a website which converts many more of its visitors into customers. I would very definitely recommend Nu-Hi to others. “

Pedro Garcia


” Very valuable service, not only in CRO but on gathering insights. They are data-driven and professional experts in full service CRO, able to deliver results on agreed timings and proving their value. “

Michael Rosenberg


” After we’d taken delivery of the Growth Roadmap we discovered that we’d chosen the right company. We liked its comprehensiveness, but we also loved the easy takeaways. Nu-­Hi is a company others will thank me for recommending. “

We Use The Same Tried And Tested Growth Strategies As Amazon To Exponentially Increase The Profits In Your Digital Business

Everything we do is based on increasing revenue

We are 100% focused on increasing gross sales revenues and improving net profit.

We work to a set of core key performance indicators that are designed to push the needle on revenue.

We have worked with private clients as well as private equity backed businesses which place a strong emphasis on financial return on investment.

We measure our success against revenue increases and client business growth – not how many marketing or design awards we can get (Amazon has never won a design award).

We build digital businesses, not just websites

Our experience goes far beyond just online. We have been involved at board level with some very successful companies where we helped manage marketing, logistics, warehousing, trade teams and internal staff.

We understand the technological and physical challenges faced inside a fast-growing ecommerce business because we have been on your side of the fence.

We have experience of increasing website conversion rates, producing significant increases in sales order volumes. This results in considerable knock on effects for other areas of the business, we have unique insights and experience that can help you anticipate and manage these changes effectively.

All our ideas are backed up by data

Most companies make decisions using opinions which lack the data insights required and are not scientifically formulated.

We use a data-driven approach and a proven scientific process to make better, more informed decisions.

This unique approach promotes a very creative, idea-driven environment where new concepts can be brought forward and judged using a scientific process and tested for success very quickly.

We deliver data-driven marketing with proven results. We believe that without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.

We have worked with some very sophisticated clients

We have worked with enterprise clients such as Lloyds Bank, Halifax Bank, Bank of Scotland, Amazon US, Amazon UK, O2, OSRAM, Bupa and Durex

We have also worked with some of the fastest growing digital companies in the UK. In very established companies, it can often be difficult to make change happen. Our agile methodologies make change happen very easily. We are experienced consultants who can easily integrate and work alongside established teams.